Pareto Principle - Trailer

A CSUN Senior Thesis Film.
Student produced, with partial funding from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Fellows Scholarship Program and the CSUN Associated Students Instructionally Related Activity Fund. Recipient of grants from Panavision and FotoKem. Shot on 35mm film.

Written & Directed by Beneyam Wolde-Yohannes.

Trailer by J.D. Moore. Trailer music by Kevin MacLeod.

The Core Pareto Group:
Writer/Director: Beneyam Wolde-Yohannes
Producers: Edward D. Vasquez, Jaime Hutchins
Cinematographer: Vafa Khatami
Production Designer: Cutler Gray
Editors: J.D. Moore, Cutler Gray
1st AD: Addison Goss
Sound Designer: Emiko Kagawa
Re-recording Mixer: So Osawa
Production Sound Mixer: Joseph Gutkowski
Script Supervisor: Niki Sayyad

Jon: Markiss McFadden
Chris: Theron Cook II
Aunt Nora: Monica Turner
Mr. Khan: Shishir Kurup

2nd AD: Celine Gaudry
Art Director: Nicole Owen
Key Makeup Artist: Amy Peters
Art PAs: Katlin Majewski, Kimberly McConnell
Boom Operator: So Osawa
Sound Utility: Emiko Kagawa
Gaffer: Max Margolin
1st AC: Scott Sanborn
2nd AC: Michael Alfuso
Dolly Grip: Will DaRosa
2nd AC 2nd Unit: Will DaRosa
Best Boy: Jan-Michael Del Mundo
Grips/GE: Taylor Mahoney, Adrian Castillo, Molly Becker, Michelle S. Nishimura, Peter Koocheradis, John Humphrey, Kyle Jacobsen
Craft Services: Katlin Majewski
Key PA: Alex Velasco
PA: Emanja Alleyne
Casting Director: Tamara Sibley
Casting Associate: Alina Segura
Faculty Production Advisors: Prof. Nate Thomas, Prof. Michael Hoggan, A.C.E., Prof. Jan Popiden, Prof. Joel Krantz, Prof. Jon Stahl, Prof. Fred Ginsberg, CAS, Prof. Karen Dee Carpenter
Senior Film Directing Mentor: Donald Petrie, D.G.A.
Senior Film Cinematography Mentor: Mark Woods


No Hay Nada Mas - Trailer

A father and his two children are forced into living in a motel after their house has been foreclosed. The struggle of their difficult realities threatens to draw them apart.

Fernando Gonzales-Rene Garcia
Christina Gonzales-Mariana Vilchez
Alejandro Gonzales-Ramsess Letrado

Director- Writer : Giovanni Solis
Director Of Photography : Max Margolin
Producer : Alicia Robledo
Producer : Jordan Kast
Sound : Chris Vaughn
Sound : Raul De Leon
Sound: Ernesto Ruvalcaba
Editor : Neil Wilson Iii
Editor : Omar Silva
Asst. Editor : Carrie Cabanillas
Camera Operator : Will Darosa
1st Ac : Scott Sanborn
Art Department & Still Photographer : Celine Gaudry


Four Winds

A New Western
Napesni Motion Pictures & Multivision Entertainment
Director: Nick Brokaw
Director of Photography: Mario Contini
Wardrobe - Costume - Set Photographer - 2nd Assistant of the Director: Celine Gaudry



Two couples from different cultures meet by chance at a carnival. Their relationships are put to the test. Whether or not they last is up to fate.

Camera Panavision 35mm edited on Avid

Director: Nicole Owen
French consultant / Writer / 2nd Assistant of the Director: Celine Gaudry
Script Supervisor: Izzy Knopper
Producer: Rachel Yoder
Co-Producer: Ron Santarsiero
Director of Photography: Daniel Williams
Sound: Eric Del Aguila
Post Sound: Melissa Chapman
Post Sound: Alex Hernandez
Editor: Jason Brotman
Editor: David Fisch