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Hello, I’m Céline, a French girl from Paris, France. I was born March 28th, 1986. I grew up in France, but it’s been a while that I have been travelling all around the world. Films addict and Filmmaker, I would love to write and direct original and universal stories. Moreover, I want to keep working in the Film Making Industry.

I see myself as an achiever. I am curious of life, multitasked, really sociable and well driven. I graduated with two Bachelors, in Producing from ESEC Film School, Paris, France and, in Literature from University of Paris, La Sorbonne Paris IV, France. I also have a Master degree in French Literature and Cinema from University of Paris, La Sorbonne Paris IV, France. Finally, for a year, I transferred as an international exchange student, senior, in the Film Program of California State University of Northridge, USA.

I have been interning for several independent productions companies in Paris, France and New York City, USA. Also, I’ve been volunteering at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010. Recently, I have been working on a lot of sets. I am used to work with film as well as digital. On set, I have been mostly working as the First Assistant of the Director.

Besides, I have been writing and directing documentaries and short movies that have been selected in numerous Festivals and part of the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival. By the way, I love to take pictures. I even won a photography contest in Paris, France.

Anyways, I Hope, You’ve Liked My Little Bio and You’ll Be Willing To Work With Me In The Future. Very Best and Kind,